About us

Jee Pumps (GUJARAT) PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading manufacturer and sells a great variety of industrial pumps, offering world-class pump solutions to clients in India as well as across the country. Since 1993, we, Jee Pumps continuously grown in the field of the pump industry and selling trustworthy and reliable sources for pumping solutions. JEE PUMPS has desired to break a new foundation in the pumping industry through determined innovation and quality improvement.
JEE PUMPS is directed and managed by a team of professionals committed to employing the best practices in the industry and hence guaranteeing regular customer satisfaction. The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality pumps which add to the productivity and profitability of the clients. Human resource development is not just a function for “JEE Pumps”. For a company, its human resources are its most valuable asset. Hence, JEE Pumps has institutionalized the best human resource practices which have guided the overall development of its employees.
The company strongly believes in growth for all stakeholders in society. Hence, it has standardized social responsibility practices. This has not only helped in improving the lives of beneficiaries but also created strong goodwill for the company among the stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to satisfy our clients with products and service. For that we have empowered our workforce with proper training and have provided them with a professional working environment. 

Our Vision

“Started in 1993 with a vision to provide pumps for each & every need of the process, now at a level to near to achieve the same in time frame with the support of industries countrywide. Together we make it BIG.”

Our Values

We have earned clients’ trust with reliable service and quality products. We accept the consequences of our actions as a sign of responsibility. Our professionalism can be viewed through flawless service and high-end products.

We use advanced technology and stay updated regarding the latest trends or changes in the field of Every types of pumps. We examine the quality of all products through every stage of manufacturing. Thus, we have delivered technologically advanced products to our clients since the start of our journey and have set the benchmark for quality in this industry.

Happy Customers
Successful Products

Our Service and Support

We consider our clients as our partners and believe that we can succeed only if they do. our relationship does not end with the sale of pumps. Our service support team takes over, guides the customer, and resolves operational issues. this has enabled seamless operations for customers and improved their productivity. it has also ensured that JEE Pumps are on top of mind for our clients.

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