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Jeepumps participated in the 30th Edition of CHEMTECH World Expo from 8th – 11th June 2022 at JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai. CHEMTECH World Expo is a platform for global chemical manufacturing companies to collaborate and invite participants from industries like EPC, Specialty Chemicals, Refining & Petrochemicals, Water, Industrial Automation & Control, Pumps Valves & Fittings making it an effective forum for B2B suppliers focussing on equipment manufacturing and technology service providers.
The event was a great success with participants from 612 companies from 18 countries, over 18,000 visitors, and Specialty Chemicals, Refining & Petrochemicals, and Control & Valves & Industrial Automation.
Jeepumps’s comprehensive offerings Pump to the specific needs of the chemical industry and industry experts, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, traders, and dealers who were the key audience at the Expo. Jeepumps understands the needs of the Chemical & petrochemical industry in the field of process and organizational safety and can provide Safety & Reliability Studies along with practicum and consultancy expertise in the process safety domain.
For Jeepumps, CHEMTECH World Expo 2022 was an enriching experience by getting the opportunity to forge connections, share ideas and grow its brand visibility.


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