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Introducing Jee ANSI Centrifugal Process Pumps

Jeepumps introduced the new standard product which is ANSI – JAP Series (Centrifugal process pumps (Ansi) in investment casting). 

Centrifugal pumps are the most standard type of pump. An ANSI centrifugal process pump will start with converting a motor’s mechanical energy into kinetic energy. This kinetic energy then turns into potential energy, which is in the design of pumped fluid’s pressure.

Multiple End users in Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Chemical Industries, Water, and wastewater Sectors are looking for premium quality ANSI centrifugal pump manufacturers with equipment that lasts and provides high-efficiency pumps throughout their lifetime. Jeepumps offers ANSI Process Pumps that customers can lay their faith upon. The best part of Jeepumps is that they deliver a high range of quality pumps at the lowest charge times at competitive pricing.

Let’s discuss the ANSI pump?

ANSI Stands for American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Pump specification conforms to ASME B73.1 Standard. They are also known as ANSI centrifugal pumps or simply ANSI pumps. By definition, such a chemical pump is supposed to be horizontal, centerline discharge, and end suction single stage. 

So, ANSI Process Pumps should fulfill the ANSI / ASME B73.1 standard of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

What does the ANSI/ASME B73.1 standard say?

The ANSI B73.1 standard was first to come in 1974. Then after, the panel stayed engaged to define the standards for 27 pump dimensions via several modifications.

ANSI B73.1 standard is the determination for horizontal, single-stage centrifugal, end suction pumps that are utilized for chemical processes. The standard sheathes metallic centrifugal pump structures.

As per the ASME B73.1 standard, dimensional equivalence needs, design, and configuration elements are defined for pump manufacturers. Further simplifying installation, also improves the pump regiment’s safety and reliability.

Likewise, these measures define the advised practices and guidelines associated with the maintenance of these centrifugal process pumps. The essential focus zone of this standard is that the equipment manufactured by all ANSI pump manufacturers should be convertible. This is with respect to mounting aspects, input shafts, discharge nozzles size and suction, and baseplates.

The standard likewise think about substitute plans, however, they ought to fulfill the guideline’s expectation and coverer romance and development-related details in comparability with those predetermined.

Applications of ANSI pumps

  • The major area of use of ANSI process pumps is oil & Gas, Refineries, petrochemical, and chemical industries. 
  • But rare the other premium areas of Industries include paper stock, pharmaceutical, ethanol production, food processing, and many other sectors. 
  • ANSI pumps are most usually used for pumping thin liquid-like alcohols, water, and other less aggressive fluids. 
  • Based on the type of impeller that is in use, ANSI pumps can pump fluids with solids as well. 
  • Similarly, when the material selection is right, then ANSI pumps can transfer the aggressive liquids that are highly corrosive.


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