The oil pump manufacturing in the oil gas industry sets a challenging role in the oil & gas industry. That’s why, Jee Pumps offers pumping solutions for the pump-in-oil gas industry, with advanced engineering to develop systems that help the oil and gas sector produce, and process oil and gas pumps safely and efficiently.

Industrial oil and gas pumps are an important component of the oil and gas industry. From delivering oil from the bottom to a ship, oil refinery, or storage to speeding up the fluid flow from one point to different, Oil and gas pumps are utilized in various ways in the oil and gas industry.

JEE Pumps is an oil and gas pump manufactured for a variety of oil and gas industries. We deliver excellent pumping solutions to every industry sector as same as the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas pumps manufactured by the JEE Pumps for the oil and gas industry-

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps
  • oil transfer pumps
  • diaphragm pumps
JEE Pumps industrial pump
JMPM-Series (Single Stage Horizontal, Non-Clog Self Primng)
JEE Pumps for chemical industry
JTFP-Series (Centrifugal Air Cooled Hot Oil Pumps)
JEE Pumps for chemical industry
JSCP-Series (Horizontally Axially Split Casing Pumps)
JEE Pumps industry
JVSP-Series (Vertical Long Shaft Sump Pumps))

Pumping solutions for the oil and gas industry

JEE Pumps (Gujarat) Private Limited designs, manufacture, and supply high-grade oil and gas pumps for refineries, petrochemical installations, oilfields, pipeline sector, and onshore and offshore oil and gas pumps.

Our pumping solutions are planned to the precise requirements of our customers. This provides lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, increased operational safety, and better productivity. Our pumps act reliably under intense temperatures and at high pressures and can handle highly volatile hydrocarbons, dense fluids, and aggressive liquids mixed with solid particles. 

Industrial pumps are essential to oil and gas pumps required in the field of the oil and gas industry. Relying on the qualities of the materials you want to transfer and your required flow rate. You will need a suitable Industrial pump for your need.

JEE Pumps - Providing State-of-the-art Pumps solutions for a range of Industries

At, Jee Pumps, we are proud to guarantee you the best pumping solutions for a wide range of applications. Our high-quality pumping solutions are designed to meet relevant global standards. whether you need a customised pump design or ready to install pumps, We offer you excellent quality, reliable products, and exceptional customer service.

We offer pumping solutions for a wide range of industries including:

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